Rotten Animals

For those who are forgotten

We Work on This Virtual Cemetery for Free Living Animals for...


Your New Mindset

Whether a human or an animal dies, both times someone else notices sombody’s missing. Do not just pass by deceased animals as if they were trash. Stop! Be aware that a live has been taken and pay tribute to the animal.


Free Living Animals

Those animals did not choose to die. They just lived their lives and were taken out of it by humans, other animals or a disease. Thus, they are not worth less than humans or pets and their death is neither less significant nor sad.


Car and Truck Drivers

Don’t complain about animals crossig the road. They know nothing of our rules, technology and way of life. They are just living their lives, so be respectful with the animals you might have accidentally killed.


Veterinarians and Students

You always wanted to see a gallery of deceased animals? We travel the world paying tribute to every deceased animal whose path we cross. Expect to see those, you may not find in your home country.

Meet the Photographers


We Care About Those Deceased Free Living Animals as Nobody Else Does


Favorite animal: Hedgehog


Favorite animal: Tiger


Favorite animal: Fox

Why What We Do is Important

Our Virtual Cemetery for Free Living Animals


Don’t Ignore the Dead

We really hate the idea of just passing by a deceased living creature. We aim to encourage everyone to deal with death and also to be mindful about the family of a deceased animal.


Remember and Honor the Dead

We name the deceased animals we see and photograph all over the world. We write some kind words about them. We wrap it all up with a quote worth thinking about. We don’t leave them behind forgotten.